Shipping Policy

 CHAPTER I: Preliminary


(a) Order Value (Gross) Total of the quantity of the product multiplied by specified price of the product for all such products selected in the shopping cart at the time of checkout.

 (b) Select products: Products that customer of the online store has interest in buying which is represented by the product selection in the ‘Shopping Cart’ of the website.


 I.   Shipments within Kalyan:

 1. Shipping Charges are Free for orders above Rs. 500.

2. Mode of Shipment: Shipment would be done by the most convenient and effective courier service, which would be selected depending on the destination where the shipment needs to be sent

3. Any special shipping instructions pertaining to a particular order would be sent to the customer via e-mail to customer’s email address as provided by the customer at the time of placing the order.

 4. For any shipping related inquiries please contact our customer care number between 10:00 AM India Standard Time (IST) to 7:00 PM IST.

 II   Shipment other than Kalyan:

 1.   Currently Volymart does not ship outside Kalyan territory. Any order received on this website apart from Kalyan region will automatically stand cancel.